The Holy Chic Playlist 🎶

The Holy Chic Playlist 🎶

I’ve got something a bit different for you this Friday ladies!

I’ve decided to start a little series of blog posts featuring some of my favourite tunes just in time for the weekend, so whether you’ve got plans to hit the town or stay in and chill, there might be one or two songs here that you can slip into your own playlist. I don’t claim to be a DJ at all but I love music and finding new songs that will either get me through gym time or the old classics that I’ve forgotten about and bring back all the memories. I’ve just chosen a couple of categories that represent my own personal taste and I’ll update them as often as I can!

The New Tune: Girls Like by Tinie Tempah feat. Zara Larsson

I’m forever finding new songs that I’ll put on repeat until I absolutely ruin them on myself and this song is definitely one of them! I’ve been playing it all week 🙊 I love Tinie Tempah’s music and his beats always put me in the mood to go out. It sounds like there’s a bit of a mix of Truffle Butter by Nicki Minaj and Drake and C’est La Vie by Martin Solveig sampled in here too 👌🏼



The One to Blare in the Gym: I Can Say – Original Mix by Francois and Louis Benton

I’m a divil in the gym for just getting the earphones in and throwing on a proper deep house mix, there’s nothing like it! So a week or two ago, I came across this song which I’m loving ever since. The drop gets me every time! 😏

The Golden Oldie: 03′ Bonnie & Clyde by Jay Z and Beyoncé

What a tune, like I always forget about how good this one is until I hear it again. Jay and Bey were a match made in musical heaven, no wonder they’re still going strong all these years later!



The One with the Memories: Wont Look Back by Duke Dumont

I only have to hear the beginning of this banger and I’m immediately transported back to the middle of a booth in Tibu in Marbella, surrounded by bottles of Belvedere and some of the soundest people I’ve ever met! While you’re young, live it up and make the most of those precious summers because life soon gets in the way and the memories are all that we’re left with.

The Remix: Perfect (Matoma Remix) by One Direction and Matoma

Like a lot of people, I’d say I’m a closeted 1D fan, (well not anymore now 🙈) but I love it when a remix makes it acceptable for you to let on you like a song like this 😁😂 This remix of their song Perfect has got me in a summer mood ☀️

The One for Pre Drinks: Lush Life by Zara Larsson

Sure isn’t everyone only obsessed with this song at the minute so pop it on at pre-drinks and you’ll be an instant hit. I haven’t got a notion of what she’s saying but a few vodkas in and I’ll mumble along with the verse until everyone’s belting out “I LIVE MY DAY AS IF IT WAS THE  LAST!” – B’graaaaand!



The Carpool Karaoke Tune: Lighthouse by G.R.L

One of my best girlfriends introduced me to this song during our commute to college one Sunday evening and since then, it always reminds me of her. Now, whenever it comes on I’ll belt it out & think of that Sunday night. The lyrics are spot on too; “When it gets real, just know that I’ll be there. I’ve got your back like it’s just you and me here” 💖

The One to Chill Out To: Jealous by Labrinth

Honestly, what a beautiful song ❤️ The lyrics are stunning and it’s a real tear-jerker, don’t listen to it when you’re hungover and needy anyway! 🙈 I do love to pop this on in the background when I’m in the mood for some mellow music or when I’m singing it to my roomie Shelly 😂😂😂 PJ!

Let me know what you love from above or what you’re listening to yourself this week. I’m always looking out for new songs so do share them with me in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter 🎶😄 I’m also on Snapchat now so you can follow holychic_blog to see my daily antics 👻

Love, Denise x


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