The Holy Chic Playlist – June Tunes

The Holy Chic Playlist – June Tunes

Hey girls,

I think we can safely say the summer has arrived – the sun has been scorching the past week, I can smell the Bank Holiday weekend as it approaches and the BBQ is calling to be dusted off having been neglected all winter! I got such a great reaction to the first playlist post I shared back in March so it’s about time I did another one to give you some inspiration for the weekend ahead!

The New Tune: I’m in Control by AlunaGeorge feat. Popcaan

I have this song on repeat constantly since I first found it. It has a real summery, tropical vibe and the Popcaan feature brings a Jamacian sound to it! Aluna George is such a great artist, I don’t think she gets the recognition she deserves actually. Her sound is sort of quirky, a different kind of dance beat so if you haven’t already, check her out!



The One to Blare in the Gym: To Ü by Jack Ü, Skrillex, Diplo and AlunaGeorge

Another one with AlunaGeorge, (honestly she’s THAT good!!) but look at that line up, some big names in there! Now when the weather is this good, who wants to be stuck in a sweaty gym in this heat? So maybe your work out has changed to a jog outside or even working out in your back garden, a.k.a. sunbathing for me 😉, this is a great tune to get you pumped, just turn it up loud!

The Golden Oldie: Yo (Excuse Me Miss) by Chris Brown

This is such a throwback from his first album back in 2005. Chris Brown looks so young and adorable in the video, I think we all used to have a little crush on him when we were that age. I think those R’n’B golden oldies are some of the best, they all link into each other and still sound as good today as they did back in ’05 😄



The One with the Memories: Gecko (Original Mix) by Oliver Heldens

This song always, always, always reminds me of being in Marbella 2 years ago. Me and 2 great friends, Jade & Ellen lived in Puerto Banus and there was one night in particular in Aqwa Mist nightclub when this song played but it was only up & coming at the time. We were all sitting at a booth with a group of friends we worked with, surrounded by bottles of vodka on ice and the memory has just stuck with me forever. Gecko was a massive hit by the time I came home and every time I heard it, my mind was taken back to that night in Marbella.

The Remix: Paper Pools by Smija

This song is gas but absolutely genius at the same time! A mash up of two legendary songs, Paper Planes by M.I.A and Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar – who’d of thought it would work so well? I’m glad somebody did because I can’t stop listening to it!

The One for Pre Drinks: Boys & Girls by and Pia Mia

I can’t get enough of this banger, and Pia Mia make for the perfect musical combination. This tune is full of sass and Pia Mia is just too cool for school, it would definitely get you in the mood to dance and have a great night before you head out over the Bank Holiday weekend.



The Carpool Karaoke Tune: Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

How could you feel anything but happy after listening to this one? Maybe I’m a little bit biased because I love JT, (who else was at his concert in the Phoenix Park?! AMAZING!) but this is a real feel good song, the video is so cute! So when you’re off on an impromptu road trip with your best friends this summer, make sure to have this one in the playlist 😁

The One to Chill Out To: Never Be Like You by Flume feat. Kai

A sort of whimsical electronic house song, Never Be Like You is the one you’ve heard in every high street shop for the last fortnight or more 😂 (they’re actually great places to get the good tunes first, so download Shazam before your next shopping trip 😉😂) There are a lot of songs by Flume that I love but this new one is so relaxed, it’s definitely one to chill out to after a crazy weekend, thinking about all the memories you’ve made!

For more of my favourite tunes, you can follow me on Spotify  to see what I’m listening to and don’t forget to let me know what you loved from this list or what you’re listening to yourself on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat at holychic_blog 👻😉 Hope you all enjoy the Bank Holiday dolls!

Love, Denise x


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