Hot Commodities – June 2016

Hot Commodities – June 2016

Hey dolls,

I’m finally back into a bit of a routine this week, back to work almost full time again for the summer and I’m on the other side of that awful dose I had last week, it knocked me for 6 so hence, no blog posts 😓 I hope my Snapchat stories were enough to see you through 😉😂 This months Hot Commodities post is, as always, a little window into my own personal wish list, the things I’m lusting after whether they are a couple of quid or designer dreams ✌🏼

Stationary: Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m an organisation freak!! If my college notes aren’t neat and tidy I’ll spontaneously combust and I love a bit of general order in my life, I’ve definitely got a touch of OCD 😜 Considering this, I’m probably a bit late on the bandwagon but none the less, one of my June favourites is this Ban.Do 17 Month Agenda from Irish company, The Dotty Lemon. I love the quote on the front of this – “One Day at a Time” and the agenda itself is packed with inspirational quotes & stickers, so cute!

Make Up: I was sorry last Christmas when I didn’t buy the Limited Edition Inglot eyeshadow palette so when I heard that they would be launching a summer one, I was all ears! The Summer Palette  is €40 and contains 5 eyeshadows in warm tones, perfect for creating hundreds of looks this season, and they’re all in the signature magnetic Inglot palette. Eye make up is probably my favourite and I look experimenting with new shades and creating new looks, so I would invest in a good eyeshadow palette before I’d buy a combo of lip colours, you know?! It’s currently available on pre-order but keep an eye on the Inglot website to see when it goes on general release, this one will sell out quickly ladies!



Sunglasses: These are probably the bain of my life because I can nevvvver find a pair of sunglasses to fit my head 😂😂 I know it sounds mad but I have a double crown a.k.a. a fat head, and the standard glasses are never wide enough.. #FirstWorldProblems So I always end up having to buy huge, oversized shades and I’ve fallen in love with these new Victoria Beckham ones. She was snapped wearing them in this months Elle Hong Kong and on her Instagram and in my opinion, they’re the new Celines, everybody will be wearing these or copies of them soon enough! Made in Italy, these designer sunnies are on pre-order, launching at the end of the month for just €370… 😳 Sure I’ll take two pairs in that case Posh! 😂😂

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 20.50.59


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 21.13.22


Heels: I mentioned these on Snapchat last week and you may think I’m mad for loving these because they’re a real marmite pair of shoes, but I don’t care, I’m obsessed with them 😂 The Alia Perspex heels from Public Desire are just so cool, they’re totally inspired by the Yeezy heels that Kim Kardashian has been loving of late and of course, anything Kim wears, Denise jumps on the bandwagon 😁

Lisa who ye will all know as Just Jordan also got a replica pair of these lately and I have to agree with her when she said they would go with absolutely everything! These are €38 on Public Desire plus postage. I’ve never actually ordered from Public Desire before, do any of you have any thoughts on them and their delivery? Comment below or get me on Twitter, @holychic_blog 👌🏼

Pyjamas: River Island’s new range of nightwear and lingerie is so sweet, a bit on the pricier side but it’s really more something that you’d treat yourself to, a little splurge – I’ll stick to Penney’s for my everyday bits while I’m a poor student 😜 But I really love this little pinky coral pyjama set, it’s perfect for the summer. It features delicate lace inserts on the silky jacquard material and looks so luxurious. The top is €22 and the bottoms are €17. Remember though that all the high street stores will go into their summer sales soon so maybe hold out until then & pick up bits like these for half nothing 🙊😏 UPDATE: These are now on sale on river The tops is €9

It’s my birthday next month so if any of you loooovely people feel the urge to send me any of the above, I’ll happily send you my address 😉 haha, just joking! I’ve got plans this evening to donate blood, my second time since I signed up as a blood donor earlier this year. I’ll let ye know how I get on this time around on the usual, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Love, Denise x



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