A New Place to Call Home

A New Place to Call Home

Happy Friday Dolls!

Yesterday after work I had the absolute pleasure of attending the launch of Place’s new home on No. 4 Esmonde Street with some friends. Since 2009 Place has been located on John Street, Gorey but today Juliana opens the doors of her eclectic boutique to the public on Esmonde Street which is most definitely the fashion Mecca of Ireland with La Crème Boutique, Ruby Rouge, LC2, The Dressing Room and Embrace Bridal all on the one stretch. I went with two of the girls straight from work and we were literally the first 3 in the door, the signs that covered the windows were just being removed so there was great excitement around for the Place team to see the fruits of their labour in the daylight for the first time.

The interior decor is exactly what you would envisage for a boutique like Place – really different; very fashion forward, futuristic even; minimal with pops of their signature orange colour! The building they’re in now used to be an artisan café and they have completely transformed it from top to bottom to a boutique that looks like it would sit confidently on the streets of Soho, New York or leap out of the pages of Architecural Digest!IMG_9174

We were greeted by Juliana who was like a little ray of sunshine in a burnt orange dress and stunning oversized black necklace, the perfect statement! There was the most artistic display of fresh canapés I’ve ever seen in the centre of the store, they were almost too nice to eat, as well as green tea cocktails and Prosecco flowing all evening.

Three models, including Juliana’s beautiful daughter Anu, showcased the best of the fashion Place has to offer as they mingled with the crowd which quickly filled the store. Colleen, one of the models, stunned us by taking to the mic as the entertainment for the evening, singing the sweetest background music for us all to enjoy.IMG_9169IMG_9172IMG_9170

Every little detail had been thought of in the decorating of Place – the rails hang from the ceilings on ropes, the tracking on the ceiling is bright orange which contrasts against the white ceiling and they even have mood lighting in the fitting rooms and around the store. You will have seen the video on my Snapchat if you follow me – holychic_blog – but the lights in the fitting rooms are operated by two dimmer dials so you can turn the intensity of the lights up or down or change the colour of them all together to see what your outfit will look like under different lighting. Juliana explained to me how hers is the first boutique in Ireland to have these lights and they’re also fitted around the boutique which I think is just amazing, such a cool idea and it’s things like this that make your store stand out.IMG_9158

We had such an enjoyable night and I received a stunning bangle in my goodie bag; Place actually has the most unique collections of jewellery – real stand out, statement pieces and they also carry the Bláithín Ennis collection which is out of this world beautiful!!


Bláithín Ennis’ jewellery


Like I mentioned above, I went with some friends from work and I went straight after closing up in work but my dolly Rachel was off so she had the whole day to get ready – and my God, did she get ready!! Look at the honest to God STYLE of this one, eah?!?! The faux fur stole and everything, lads I can’t cope, she’s like Marilyn Monroe!!

It was a fantastic event and I wish Juliana and her team at Place all the best in their new home. If you’re ever in Gorey and you’re shopping for an occasion or want to treat yourself to a stunning  piece of jewellery or new statement shoes, their Place is the one to go to – located on No.4 Esmonde Street or online at place.ie

Love, Denise x


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