Crazy About Crazy Angel!

Crazy About Crazy Angel!

Hey guys!

Recently I was very kindly sent some products from the team at Crazy Angel and having tried them out for a couple of weeks, I wanted to put together a little review. Crazy Angel are a professional brand of tanning products. I’ve had Crazy Angel spray tans in the past and thought it was exclusive to salons but I recently found out that they carry a range of at home products for self tanning which is so handy! The range includes a liquid tan, self tan mousse, gradual tan, self tan dry oil, body scrub, smoothing spray; the list is endless! Just in time for the Christmas season Crazy Angel have launched two new gift sets. Desire and Goddess each contain 2 full size self-tanning products and will ensure that you are beautifully bronzed for the festive season.

Desire Gift Set

The first of the two sets contains a 250ml bottle of their Halo Polish Body Scrub and a 200ml bottle of Bronze Desire which is their Instant Airbrush Self-Tan so this gift set has what you need to create a perfectly polished, streak free, flawless tan.

When it comes to exfoliating body scrubs, my standards are quite high 😆 I mean that if a scrub doesn’t do what it says on the tin and leaves a trace of my old tan behind, it gets a thumbs down straight away. Thankfully I was blown away by Halo Polish! The purple scrub smells amazing as it’s infused with Sesame and Bearberry so I loved the scent straight away. It gave a really deep exfoliation with the soft white pearl beads but was still gentle on my skin. My skin really did feel soft, smooth and nourished after using it and I also feel like I got a much closer shave too. This all meant that I had created the perfect base for a fresh tan now.

Bronze Desire is an airbrush self-tan which means it comes in a spray can so I assumed that the consistency of it would be similar to that of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs or bBold Flawless Legs. They are quite creamy and are more like a leg makeup so when I mentioned the products I had been sent on Snapchat I did say I would probably only use Bronze Desire on my legs. When I started to apply it with my tanning mitt, it turned out that the consistency is pure liquid and it’s honestly the closest thing to a spray tan in a can that I’ve ever used. Again, it smells amazing and it glided onto my skin effortlessly. There is an instant colour which is a great guide to ensure you don’t miss a spot and there are no streaks. It contains Erythrulose, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E so it nourishes your skin at the same time. The colour develops over 2-4 hours and if you decide to leave it on, it continues to develop over the next 4-6 hours. I left it on over night and had a gorgeous, natural looking tan when I woke up. I say natural looking because it is a Medium guide product and I usually go for Dark so for me personally, it developed to a gorgeous natural shade.

The Desire gift set contains exactly what you need for #TanningThursdays and would be perfect for someone that loves to be flawlessly bronzed!

Goddess Gift Set

The second gorgeous gift set allows you to unleash your inner Goddess! The two products included are a 100ml bottle of their Gilded Goddess Self Tan Dry Oil and a 200ml bottle of Supreme Goddess which is their moisturising tan extender. This luxurious gift box will give you a gorgeous glow and help to extend the life of your colour over the festive period.

I do love a good self tan oil because you can really layer them up to get your desired colour while still looking natural and they’re more nourishing on your skin too. Again, Gilded Goddess smells incredible with the unmistakeable Sesame and Bearberry fragrance and it’s a golden, bronzy colour. It’s a light-medium colour and is paraben and mineral oil free. I applied it with a tanning mitt all over the top half of my body, excluding my face. It’s super easy to apply but like with most tanning oils, there isn’t a colour guide so you just have to be careful to ensure you’ve covered every inch and there aren’t any areas left bare that would develop into streaks. I actually used Gilded Goddess over the Bronze Desire tan to deepen the colour and it worked really well, they both complimented each other perfectly!

To prolong the life of my tan I moisturised with Supreme Goddess after my showers in the week to follow. It’s super creamy and luxurious and again, it’s paraben and mineral oil free 👍🏼 It contains a mild tanning agent so you could use this as a regular moisturiser too over a natural tan in the summer time! It’s very smooth and soft on your skin and isn’t greasy or oily like some creams can be. This is also a full size product so you certainly get bang for your buck with these sets.

The Goddess gift set is all about luxurious tanning and maintaining a colour that looks more natural than most self tans. If you want the ‘Just Back from Holidays’ look all year round, the Goddess gift set is just a God send!

My Thoughts

I was really impressed by the finish and the quality of the tan they produced for me. The one thing about my tan that stood out was the way it wore off during the week that followed. It held its colour extremely well for about 5-6 days before it was time to reapply. Usually with developing tans, they start to wear off in certain areas after 2-3 days, e.g. the diamond shaped crease where your arm bends, the outline of your watch on your wrist, under your arms, etc. but this tan did not go patchy at all!! Honestly, there wasn’t one area that started to fade away before the rest of the tan – I really do think that’s an incredible testament to the Crazy Angel tanning products!

If there was one area I would comment on it would be that the shades of the two tanning products were slightly lighter than what I would usually use. Both self tans were a Medium colour guide, which gave me a natural looking tan but if it were for a night out I would definitely be leaning more towards some of the Dark shades that Crazy Angel offer in their Midnight Kiss Tanning Lotion or Fast Acting Liquid TanBut like I said, if a natural tan is the look you want, the gift sets are fantastic!

Favourite Product

This had to be the Halo Polish – hands down it’s one of the best exfoliating body scrubs I’ve used and it smells divine, it’s a winner in my eyes!


Once this Bank Holiday weekend has passed, we’ll be in to the thick of the Christmas season and I think these would make the ideal gift or stocking filler for your sister, best friend or daughter. It’s so easy to pick up cheaper tans for ourselves but when do you ever get treated to luxury products like these? They would definitely put a smile on my face on the 25th!

You will find the full range of products online at and the gift sets are available on the site right now. They are priced at £21.90 (roughly €24.50 at the time of publishing) plus postage.

Have you tried these tanning products before? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 😄


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