Hot Commodities – June 2017

Hot Commodities

I really can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since my last Hot Commodities post! I knew I hadn’t wrote one in a while, but I didn’t think it was 12 months. 😱 For anyone that’s new, (there are quite a few since June 2016), Hot Commodities is a series of blog posts that are like my shopping wish list. Basically, it’s a post about things that I’m loving right now and are on my hit-list. No matter how extravagant or expensive, whether it’s from Penneys or Chanel, everything and anything goes on this list. My Hot Commodities posts are fun, inspirational, (sometimes aspirational), blogs. You can read some of my previous posts here.

Hot Commodities

Make Up

When the news of Urban Decay’s latest offering broke earlier this week, the internet went into a complete meltdown! Heat is a new addition to the ‘Naked’ collection of products. The eyeshadow palette contains 12 brand new shades. It’s packed full of amber hues, warm browns and burnt oranges. They are all shades that I absolutely adore and going on the pictures alone, I already know that I need this!

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Credit: TrendMood on Facebook

I actually have all of the ‘Naked’ palettes from Urban Decay already, I’ve been collecting them for years. With the exception of one Stila palette, they’re the only shadows I own. I don’t really buy single shadows and the quality of the UD products is second to none. It’s been good enough to make me stay loyal to them for all these years. As per the previous palettes, Heat includes a double ended eyeshadow brush and a compact mirror inside the casing. Rumour has it the official launch date is the 30th of June and it will be available on counters from July 13th. Get in the queue behind me gals!

Urban Decay Heat Palette

Credit: TrendMood on Facebook


Ugh, bags and shoes are genuinely my biggest weakness. I just have a thing for good quality bags and shoes, but sure look, there are worse addictions I could have! I’ve had my eye on a Gucci bag for a while now. I suppose Gucci is having a moment lately; every second Instagram post features their double G hardware nowadays. But you can’t deny that their designs are killing it now too, they have some stunning pieces in their new Pre Fall collection. None the less, I’m a classic girl at heart and I’ve fallen head over heels for the Marmot Velvet Shoulder Bag.

It’s a gorgeous structured shape and is perfect for casual or dressy wear, it will easily suit both. Obviously, black goes with everything and the velvet finish gives it an opulent feel. Some would say it’s an extortionate amount of money to pay for ‘stuff’ but I like to mark special occasions with a little luxury. For my 21st birthday I treated myself to my first pair of Louboutins which I will treasure forever. In October I’ll be graduating from college and how sweet would this little lady look on my shoulder?! 😉

Gucci Marmont Bag


These are most certainly not going to be everyones cuppa tea but I’m in love! I spotted these fab sliders on a friends Snapchat story and I was like “WHERE?!?!” 😂😱 They’re called the Magnolia Flat Slider by Kurt Geiger but lads, they’re far from magnolia!! Super glam and over the top, they’re made for me. I’m like a magpie and I’m drawn to anything embellished or sparkly. They also come in black but I’m leaning more towards the pastel tones of the soft pink and pearl. I think they’d be just as gorgeous poolside with a bikini as they would be dressed down with denims.

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Make Up

Recently, I modelled for Waterford MUA Laura Dempsey at one of her masterclasses. She used a couple of products from Note Cosmetics and I’ve been meaning to get them ever since. Laura used the Detox and Protect foundation and it didn’t budge all night! It also had a dewy finish but didn’t compromise on coverage either as Laura didn’t use anything to conceal my blemishes. It would make for a great budget-friendly, every day foundation.

Hot Commodities

Laura also used the Note Bronzing Powder to warm up the look, (pictured below), and it was such a gorgeous, warm shade. They’re all very affordable too; the bronzing powder retails at €15.95 for a big pan and the foundation is just €13.95. I’ve been using the Note BB Cream recently too and I’m loving it. Note Cosmetics are available at selected Sam McCauley’s stores nationwide and online here.

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Iconic Bronze

If you’ve followed Holy Chic for a while, you’ll know that I love my false tan! At the end of the day, living in Ireland doesn’t provide me with much of an opportunity to work on a natural tan, so my bronze has to come from a bottle! 😂 Recently, I’ve seen both Jade and Laura Mullett sporting a gorgeous tan and it had me intrigued. They were both announced as brand ambassadors for Iconic Bronze which is a new luxury self tan. It claims to be free from parabens, harsh chemicals and all those nasties. It’s also said to have a Jasmine and Orange Blossom scent – that’s enough to sell it to me!! 😍 The Iconic Bronze collection features a medium and dark lotion, as well as their own velvet tanning mitt, which is the only type of mitt I use. I’m looking forward to the launch of this tan and of course, I’ll let you know how I get on with it when I’ve used it. 😉 You’ll find Iconic Bronze on Facebook here.

Luxury Tan



I would love to know what are your ‘Hot Commodities’ this month dolls. As always, you’ll find me on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. I have lots of exciting things coming up the month, including the Irish Beauty Blog Awards. Holy Chic is nominated in 4 categories this year, (Best Design Blog, Best Fashion Blog, Best Beauty Blog and Overall Blog of the Week), and I would really appreciate every single vote. You can vote daily until June 19th at this website – click here.


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