Spare a Thought this Christmas..

Spare a Thought this Christmas..

Hey girls,

This week has totally run away on me, like where did the days go? My Christmas exams start on Monday so I’ve been trying to study but I think any fellow students will understand my emphasis on the word ‘trying’!! My level of procrastination has hit an all time high & I now know every single line to any episode of Friends ever! 🙈  There was one ad on the TV this week that struck a cord with me in particular. The Saint Vincent de Paul ad with the two young girls that had nothing to eat this Christmas really got me thinking.

Christmas has become such a materialistic time with so much focus on the gifts and presents and pressure put on the amount of money we spend, that sometimes those less fortunate are forgotten. I am extremely lucky and blessed for the home that I have with food on the table and a fire lighting but it’s times like this that I can’t help but think about the people that don’t have that. The SVP campaign is an eye-opener into the reality of those people that are struggling to pay rents, to feed themselves. Focus Ireland have estimated that there are 5,000 homeless people in Ireland at any one time. Their priority this Christmas isn’t to find the latest gadgets under their tree on the 25th, it’s to have a roof over their heads and shelter from the terrible weather we’re experiencing at the moment.

I decided to give something back this Christmas, a present if you will to those that might not get anything this year. On Wednesday and Thursday evening I did a haul of my bedroom and filled 2 big bin liners with clothes and shoes to donate to charity. I couldn’t donate a decent amount of money but if there was one thing I could give, it was clothes and shoes!!

The purpose of this post isn’t to get a pat on the back or anything, it’s to hopefully inspire some of you to make a small donation this year. Some warm clothes or blankets, cuddley toys or books, any little thing would be greatly appreciated by your local charity shops. Saint Vincent de Paul, for example, have a couple of different options for people to chose from, whether it’s donating directly, volunteering time as part of their team or even sending a virtual gift to help a family this Christmas.

If that isn’t for you, even keeping those people in your thoughts or prayers (whatever you personally believe in) is sending positivity their way.

So after all that, I suppose I’ll get back to the study…!!

Until next time girls,

Love, Denise x


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