My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine

Hey girls,

Happy Monday! 😄So many people dread Monday’s but I like to see the beginning of a new week as full of new opportunities. A positive vibe never killed anyone 😉👌

Anyway, todays blog is something a little bit different – I just wanted to run through my own skincare routine. As they go, mine is a very basic routine so for someone that doesn’t have a clue where to start, especially anyone in their teens, this might be of interest to you. I really didn’t appreciate the importance of taking care of my skin until I was in my late teens, like when I was younger a face wipe was the extent of it, I was using my fingers to plaster on my foundation and my chin was my absolute problem area, I was always getting breakouts on it and didn’t know how to treat them properly anyway which just amplified the problem!! So this is just a step by step of what I do most nights – come on, when it’s 4am and you’ve had one too many vodkas on the town, you’d want to be a saint to manage to do the entire routine, (although we all really should!!🙊) My skin isn’t sensitive, dry or oily, I would say it falls into the combination category, so obviously these steps won’t work for everyone and you may need products that are specific to your skin type.


The best accessory you could wear 😉 Credit:

  1. Cleanse

So the first product I use, especially if I’ve been wearing a full face of make up, is the Nip + Fab Glycolic Cleansing Fix. This is a gel like product which I adore! Anything glycolic will be really strong on the skin and gives an intense cleanse. I wet my face and rub a bit of this product around in my hands to make a lather before I spread it on my face, avoiding the eye area.


Fresh out of my bottle so photo credit:

You’ll feel this getting to work on your skin straight away, it’s fantastic, especially if you’ve had a heavy face of make up on like for a night out. Using a cotton pad, I wipe off my face and I’m ready for the next step. I just use the Oval Cosmetic Pads from the P.S. range in Penneys which I like because they’re bigger and easier to use than those tiny like circle shape ones. For €2 you couldn’t go wrong either, I split half my 100 piece pack between home and college so it keeps me going for a while.


Cheap as chips – no need to spend big money on cotton pads!


2. Cleanse Again!

I go for a second cleanse using Garnier’s Micellar Water on a cotton pad. I used to use this as my only cleanser but I was flying through bottles, using a lot more product than I needed to compared to using the Nip + Fab first. You’d be surprised at the amount of make up that would still be on your face even after the first cleanse and the micellar water is sensitive to your eyes so I’ll use this to remove my eye make up. This also takes away any of the remaining glycolic cleanser that I might of missed in wiping off the first time. The 125ml travel size bottle of micellar water is so handy to have and I usually buy them two at a time, one for home and one to leave in my college house. You’ll pick these up in any pharmacy or your local Penneys.


Such a handy product to have!

3. Exfoliate

Well although they call themselves ‘Cleansing Pads’ I feel that the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads really get rid of that dead layer of skin. They claim to retexture and resurface your skin and I have to agree! My skin feels so fresh and renewed each time I use these. Again, they’re great if you’ve been wearing a lot of make up but make sure not to go near the eye area or it will sting the sh*t out of them, trust me!! 😂😂 You can buy Nip + Fab products directly from their website here, from Boots stores nationwide or I usually buy mine in Penneys whenever they have them in. I thought that because Kylie Jenner was endorsing the products, that it was just another gimmick brand that was looking to boost their profile but after testing them myself, I have to say they’re genuinely good products.


They smell so clinical, really good for a deep exfoliation!

4. Moisturise

I leave this step for a couple of minutes after the last one because I just feel that it’s a bit much to put on moisturiser when my skin is so fresh and pores are open. The moisturiser I’ve been using for donkeys years is just the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser from their Kind to Skin range which is just enough for my skin type. They also offer a Replenishing Rich Moisturiser too if you like a heavier, richer option. I smooth this onto my face and neck, always working in upward movements and avoiding the eye area, just feel around the eye socket instead. When I first started to take care of my skin properly I mostly used products from the Simple range because they’re free from perfumes, colourings or harsh chemicals and as a teenager, I was only starting to develop a routine so there was absolutely no point in me spending ridiculous money on the high end creams. Simple is what I would personally recommend for teenagers and then as you get to know your skin type, you can change and upgrade to products that will target your problem areas.


Honest to goodness skin care.

5. GlamGlow ThirstyMud

Now this is a step that I will do instead of number 4, maybe twice a week or if I’ve had an intense day and my skin feels extra dry and drained. I love the GlamGlow range but in particular the ThirstyMud which is their hydrating treatment. I use a teeny tiny amount of the mud on my face and neck and let it work its magic overnight. The beauty about this product is that instead of having to rinse it off after a while you have the option to leave it on overnight, whichever you prefer. My skin does feel really replenished the next morning and I find my make up goes on better the next day too. It smells gorgeous as well which is a bonus! You can get any of the GlamGlow products on their site here or I’ve bought mine in Sam McCauleys Chemists. It was €61 which sounds absolutely ridiculous but honestly, it’s so worth it. Because you’re only using a small amount each time, your pot will last for ages, I’m not even half way through mine and I have it since last year, using it almost twice a week since I got it.


The Holy Grail!!

Between college and work, I wear make up almost everyday so when I get the chance to be without it, I like to let my skin breath. Your skin is also an indicator of what’s going on inside so a good diet and plenty of water will work wonders for a healthy glow. As I said, it’s a very basic skin care routine but it works for me at the minute. I would like to add a couple of things to it, especially for my eye area and when I find the right products, you will be the first to know here on Holy Chic 😉If anyone has any recommendations or questions about anything I’ve mentioned, get in contact with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by emailing [email protected] 📲

Love, Denise x


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