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It’s the day that little girls dream of and have planned from the age of 5 – your wedding day! And before I carry on with this post, NO! I don’t have any engagement news to share with ye, God I haven’t even got Mr. Right Now, never mind Mr. Right yet!! 😂😂 I’ve decided to write this post because my Facebook page just went NUTS earlier this week when I shared this picture. Everyone wanted to know where these embellished heels are from so I’ve tracked them down and have some of my top tips for finding the most comfortable pair of shoes for your big day too!

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With it being the new year, there are plenty of newly engaged couples and although you may have your dream day planned to a tee in your head, now the real fun starts – actually putting the plan into action. Having worked in La Creme Boutique, I’ve met hundreds of excited brides-to-be and their mams or future mother-in-laws and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing the wedding plans – where it will take place, where is the reception, is the dress sorted or what colours the bridal party will wear. I used to be as excited as the brides, almost in tears on the shop floor listening to their engagement stories. I guess you could say I’m a hopeless romantic!

Badgley Mischa Shoes Badgley Mischa Shoes

4 Finger Rule

Something that a lot of ladies worry about, not just for weddings but for any occasion that requires a bit of glam, are the heels. I’ve met some ladies through work that would be happiest to show up to the wedding in a pair of Converse but it just takes some time to find the right heels for you. My first rule of thumb is to measure the height of the heel with your hand. Hold out your hand as if you were going to shake someone else hand and measure your high heel against those 4 fingers that are pointing out horizontally. If it is higher than those 4 fingers, it’s too high to wear comfortably all day long. A shoe that measures 4 fingers in height will be at the optimum height and arch for your foot to last for hours in.

Badgley Misckha Shoes Badgley Mischka Shoes

Badgley Mischka

After a little bit of searching on the net, I found that the heels I shared on Facebook were the Kiara Embellished Peep-Toe Pumps by Badgley Mischka – of course I would spy a designer style 😂😉 There are actually 10 colours of the peep-toe heel to choose from so they would be ideal shoes for the bride or the bridesmaids. They have the classic White, Ivory and Silver colours and the ever popular Latte, Blush Pink and Blue Radiance which are all stunning, soft tones, very easy to wear afterwards also. If you want to make a statement, you could go with Orchid, Carmine Pink, Red or Sapphire which would really stand out and look amazing.

Badgley Mischka Shoes Badgley Mischka Shoes Badgley Mischka Shoes

Peep Toe Hacks

The colour I shared was Blue Radiance so either those or the royal blue shade would obviously count as your ‘Something Blue’ on the day too 💙😉 The heels measure 4 3/4 inches and have a subtle little platform, making them easier to walk in. With any peep-toe shoe your feet will naturally slip down into them and then you’re left with the heel sligging at the back. To combat this I would always put a gel half insole into peep toe shoes. It fills out the shoe a little bit more and holds your foot back from slipping down into the opening. You can pick them up in any pharmacy, Boots, Penneys or New Look as well as gel heel grips which are a must-have in your handbag. If you feel your heels are sligging too much during the day and you’re finding it hard to hang on to them, pop a heel grip into the back of them and it will fill the gap slightly and ease the pressure.

Badgley Mischka Heels

Exquisite Embellishment

I’m a complete magpie so I was initially drawn to the fabulous embellished detail on the heel which is hand-applied. Badgley Mischka also have a similar shoe named Gorgeous which is a pointed toe version of Kiara and the heel measures just 4 inches so this is an equally stunning but slightly more comfortable option. With a pointed toe being a bit narrower at the front its important to get the right fit; most of the time you can go up a half a size to get a more comfortable fit so if you’re usually a size 38, (UK 5), try a 38.5 first.

Break Em In

It takes time to break in your heels too. When you get home from work in the evenings, pop on some thick socks and your new heels and give them a chance to mould to the shape of your foot for an hour or two. You may look mad prancing around the house in your PJ’s and heels but it’s the best way to break them in – trust me!

Badgley Mischka Heels

Summer Shoes

Alternatively, if your wedding is in the summer time, an open sandal allows your feet to be a bit more free and not as restricted as in a closed court shoe. The Bartley embellished heel is perfect and comes in both Ivory and Navy. It has a delicate little ankle strap which will suit someone that’s a little bit taller. An ankle strap cuts your leg off and gives the appearance of a shorter leg so it doesn’t suit petite ladies as much as it flatters taller women if you’re wearing a dress where the shoes are visible.

Badgley Mischka Heels Badgley Mischka Heels

So there you have it gals, 3 stunning styles of heels for brides-to-be, wedding guests or Ladies Day. They are a bit on the pricey side but they are Badgley Mischka; a label that will be coveted in your wardrobe forever and these are a style of shoe that you could wear again and again. Imagine the sentiment behind them and as always, I’m a firm believer in the motto ‘Treat Yo’self!’ 😂 There’s nothing like a gift from you, to you, right?! 😉

Are you getting married this year? I loooove to hear about wedding plans and stories, share them with me on Facebook or Twitter and we can all have a good cry together, hahaha!! Or if like me, you just LOVE shoes, let me know what you think of these on Snapchat or Instagram.

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