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Hey dolls! Thanks for your patience while I’ve been finishing my final few weeks of college. You may have noticed my usual 2 new posts a week have been missing from Holy Chic while I’ve been balancing college and work combined with a daily commute. Today I felt like I needed to take a break from the books and spend some time doing what I love – blogging! So grab a cuppa while I fill you in on my new loves, the Flawless 5 brush set by Powder ‘n’ Pout

Some of you will have heard me mention Powder ‘n’ Pout on Snapchat before and this post details my latest purchase from the Irish enterprise. I was first introduced to this brand by Danielle from Stardust Belle and I’m so glad now that she brought them into my life! Aisling Cunningham is the brains and beauty behind the brand. Although Aisling has an accounting degree, her love of make up led her to train to be a professional make up artist.

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A Little Bit About Powder ‘n’ Pout

Aisling now runs a successful salon in County Donegal and has an extensive range of quality make up brushes which are available online and with exclusive stockists. Let’s be honest, shopping for make up brushes online can be overwhelming when you’re not a MUA. What type of brush do I need or what does that code mean?! Can’t they just be explained in plain English?! Well just take a quick glance on powdernpout.com and you’ll see that the range of brushes available includes all of the essentials. The name of each brush is self-explanatory. Every page also provides an in-depth description of what the brush is used for, the type of look you can achieve by using it and HQ images. Brushes are available to buy individually or there are currently two brush sets to chose from – Eye Love It and The Flawless 5.

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The Flawless 5 Set

As I browsed the website last week, I came across The Flawless 5 set and it made complete sense to add it to my cart. The kit contains 5 brushes that have 9 plus different uses combined. In my opinion, it’s a great starting point for someone that isn’t confident with make up brushes as it has the essentials. It would also be a welcome addition to any make-up lovers brush kit, like me, they’re the type of brushes I always use so I knew that each of them would go to good use.

Irish Beauty Blog Review

Irish Beauty Blog Review

Credit: powdernpout.com

  • The Duo Tapered Powder P210

    – This is a tapered stippling brush that has a variety of uses. It can be used to apply liquid foundation, powder, primer, blush or bronzer. Personally, I use this for liquid foundation when I want a natural, daytime look. The hairs on this brush are fluffy but aren’t densely packed so that means I get a medium coverage with my foundation and is buildable. I do love this finish for day time myself.

Irish Beauty Blogger

Credit: powdernpout.com

  • The Angled Brush P120

    – I have a couple of this angled style of brush already but all for different reasons. It’s a great one to use for bronzer and warming up the face before contouring. It can also be used to apply blusher or highlighter using the highest point of the brush. The reason why I wanted another one was down to MUA Diane Everett. Diane did a demo on the Powder ‘n’ Pout stand at the Irish Beauty Show recently, (you can read more about that here), and she used the P120 in a whole different way. She actually used it to apply liquid foundation and it blew my mind! I’ve heard of this trend recently but Diane explained it so well, I was like Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!!!

Irish Beauty Blogger Review

Credit: powdernpout.com

  • The Duo Crease P245

    – As the name suggests, this little one has two totally different suggested uses. First of all it can be used to stipple concealer on sensitive areas like underneath the eyes. The softness of this brush means there are no harsh lines left around the edges of the concealed area, it’s all left beautifully blended. The second use is for eyeshadows. I use it as a blending brush when smoking out shadows. The key to a great smokey eye is blending. The P245 is similar to the first brush, the P210 in ways, because the hairs aren’t densely packed the product is applied lighter and more evenly. This is what makes the P245 the ideal blending brush with duo fibre technology.

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Credit: powdernpout.com

  • The Bullet P325

    – When deciding to get the Flawless 5 set, I thought that the Bullet would be my least favourite of the set. I have an eyeshadow brush that looks similar to it and the hairs are really stiff and hard. It makes a grand detailer brush but I may as well be using sandpaper! So I was PLEASANTLY surprised when I unwrapped the P325. The hairs on this brush are so super soft and supple making it so easy to blend shadows in the outer corners of the eyes. It’s also the perfect shape and size, neat enough to build depth under the bottom lashes, (a look I love!)

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Credit: powdernpout.com

  • The Angled Liner P245

    – The set is completed with this multi-use brush. Although the name mentions liner, it can be used for filling in your eyebrows and as a lip brush too. The angle of this brush means you can get the precise application we all aim for. I always get asked about my brows and how I fill them in. No matter what product I’m using – a powder, pomade or gel – I always use an angled brush like this to apply them. This brush is made of synthetic talkon fibres making it especially great to use with liquid and cream products.


Exclusive Discount Code

Each of these brushes are available to buy individually but like I mentioned above, this set is great as it contains all of the essentials. They’re the only brushes you need in your handbag or to bring on a weekend away when you need to travel light. The Flawless 5 set is currently on offer reduced from €58 to €50 on www.powdernpout.com

I’ve very kindly been sent an exclusive discount code especially for you guys, so if you would like an extra 20% off your order with Powder ‘n’ Pout, make sure to enter the coupon HOLYCHIC20 at the checkout. This code is valid until April 10th 2017.

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My Final Thoughts

I’m really impressed with my purchase from Powder ‘n’ Pout. It’s nice to support Irish businesses but it’s especially worthwhile when the products are of such a high quality, like these brushes are. The hair is super soft and the wooden handles make them easy to work with. I have two other Powder ‘n’ Pout brushes that I use regularly and love equally as much as the Flawless 5 set. I just thought that this set deserved a review of its own. In my opinion, it’s great value for what I got. The delivery service was also great too. It was really easy to order through the website on the Tuesday morning and they were delivered 2 days later.

The attention to detail is also incredible, right down to the packaging. The Powder ‘n’ Pout logo is printed on the inside of the box that they arrived in and the card holder that the brushes are held in is a genius idea, (see image below). There is a note from Aisling on the back of the box, as well as a little explanation of what each brush can be used for which I think is a brilliant idea.

Flawless 5 Review Make Up Brushes


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