Rosie Connolly’s Masterclass – The Product List

Rosie Connolly's Masterclass

Welcome back to Holy Chic dolls – anyone that follows my social media will know that at the end of July I turned 23! I spent the weekend celebrating with friends and family and honestly, it was the best birthday I’ve had in years. It was great fun, relaxing and I was able to switch off for a couple of days which was well needed. To kick off the weekend of celebrations, I attended Rosie Connolly’s Make Up Masterclass on the Saturday morning. Rosie Connolly is one of Ireland’s biggest fashion and beauty bloggers and the creator of the Aluxe brand, not to mention a huge inspiration of mine! A couple of months ago, Rosie announced that she would be bringing her Make Up Masterclass tour to Wexford. When I noticed that the date fell on the weekend of my birthday, I was like ‘Right, that’s it, I’m going!’. So as a little treat to myself, I booked my ticket. In this blog post I will share the product list that Rosie used to create the gorgeous make up look and a couple of tops tips, without giving too much away 😉

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Rosie Connolly’s Masterclass

The masterclass took place in the Talbot Hotel in Wexford Town and it was the ideal setting. It was a very intimate masterclass which I liked because you could see exactly what Rosie was demonstrating, you felt like you could ask questions freely and chat away. Rosie began the masterclass by talking us through her career path and how she came to be where she is today. I found this particularly interesting, obviously, as Rosie is someone that I look up to and admire, so to hear her experience first hand was inspiring. Working in fashion retailing and visual merchandising, I loved to hear how she progressed through her career from stylist to blogger and now entrepreneur.

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Then it was down to business – the make up! There was a great variety of high end and high street make up used in the masterclass. I thought this versatility was great as not everyone can afford or justify paying for some of the luxury make up products there are on the market right now. Where possible, Rosie suggested more affordable alternatives and I do feel like she gave us her honest opinion on everything she used and mentioned.

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Skin Prep

Rosie began by prepping the models skin using MAC Strobe Cream. This gives the skin a gorgeous glow and a dewy finish. While that set, she filled in the eyebrows with the Inglot Brow Gel on an angled brush. Rosie also uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade – one of my own favourites for brows too! She set the brows in place with Ready, Set, Brow! from Benefit.

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Inglot Ireland

Going back to the base, Rosie talked us through some of her favourite foundations including the Urban Decay ‘All Nighter and Giorgio Armani ‘Luminous Silk. For this look she used Nars ‘Sheer Glow which is my all time favourite foundation. I recently reviewed this foundation, so if you can read more about it here. Rosie then used two concealers to highlight and conceal – Nars ‘Soft Matte Complete concealer in the shade Custard and Urban Decay’s ‘Naked Skin – Weightless Concealer in the shade Fair Neutral. I loved the finish of the Urban Decay concealer as it was full coverage and the shade really did brighten the underage area. That’s definitely on my shopping list!

Nars Sheer Glow

Rosie Connolly's Masterclass

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Urban Decay Concealer

Rosie Connolly's Masterclass


Rosie moved on to the eyes next. She explained that she didn’t set the face with any powders as it would be easier to clear away any fall out from the eye shadows if the face wasn’t set. This is a great point to note because once the powder is on, that’s it, everything is locked in place. For this look, Rosie used the new Urban Decay ‘Naked Heat palette. Oh My God Girls!!! This is a must-have, the colours are just absolutely divine. After seeing Rosie use it and then this look that Laura Dempsey created with it, I’m sold!

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Urban Decay Heat Palette

This eye look is really effective but so simple to create, (well so Rosie made it look anyway!) For anyone that has the ‘Naked Heat’ palette, the shades used are ‘Low Blow‘ as the transition shade; ‘He Devil‘ in the crease and ‘Lumber‘ on the lid. She also used the Stila ‘Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow’ Liquid Eye Shadow for that absolutely gorgeous pop of shimmer on the lids. The shade Rosie used was ‘Kitten Karma‘ – another one that’s on my shopping list now.

Stila Kitten Karma


This may sound mad now but I really liked that Rosie didn’t use an eyeliner for this particular look. I could just never get the hang of eyeliner myself, it gives me the fear so when I saw how fabulous the eye make up was without eyeliner, it gave me hope that you can still look glam without it! 😂 Rosie used a mascara from YSL called ‘The Shock’ – she couldn’t speak highly enough about this mascara and the results that she has gotten from it. A great tip she gave for your eyelashes was to apply your first coat of mascara and allow it to dry fully. Then curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, (Rosie’s one was Penneys hun!) and then apply a second coat. It gives your lashes that extra oomph!

YSL Mascara

The false eyelashes that Rosie used were the SoSu lashes, (another favourite of mine – I think they’re amazing quality for the price of them!) in the style ‘Milan‘. These lashes are from Suzanne Jackson’s ‘Glam Lash Collection’ available exclusively at Penneys. The best bit is that they are only €6 and you’ll get around 10 wears out of them if you mind them.

Irish Influencer Rosie Connolly

SoSu Lashes

Highlight So Bright

The look was coming together really beautifully but I think these next couple of steps just totally transformed the models face, taking it in to gorgeous glam mode! Rosie used the Iconic London ‘Liquid Illuminator as the first highlighter – Yes, the First, there were multiple highlighters!! 🙌🏼😄😍 Using her ring finger, she applied this on the highest points of the models face. The glow from this product instantly blew us all away! Rosie explained how you could use it to highlight your collarbones and shoulders as well. My shopping list just grew by one more!

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It was then time to set the face so Rosie used Kat Von D’s ‘Lock It’ Setting Powder before contouring with Benefit’s ‘Hoola’ Bronzer. As it is a matte bronzer, it’s great for creating shade and contouring with. Rosie used the original ‘Hoola’ for this look but ‘Hoola Lite’ is now available from Benefit. It’s a lighter shade of the bronzer and would be really suitable for fairer skin. You can read more about ‘Hoola’ here.

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Hoola Bronzer

To compliment the already amazing Iconic London highlight, Rosie used a powder highlight too – a girl can never have too much highlight, right?! 😋 For this, she applied MAC’s ‘Extra Dimension Skinfinish’ Highlighter, in the shade Showgold, with a fan brush. This highlighter has an absolutely gorgeous pinky fleck in it which complimented the eyeshadow colours. She also used a little touch of MAC’s ‘Extra Dimension’ Blush in the shade Fairly Precious on the apples of the model’s cheeks.

Rosie Connolly Masterclass

Rosie Connolly MAC

Finishing Touches

With regards to lip liners, Rosie recommended a couple of different ones including the Penneys Nude Lip Liner which is just €1.50. I also use it and it’s so versatile. For the masterclass, Rosie lined the model’s lips with MAC’s Lip Pencil in the shade Spice. This is a cult beauty product; I’ve heard so many beauty bloggers rave about it and it’s constantly sold out so it must be good! Then Rosie went in with MAC’s ‘Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in the shade LadyBeGood. It’s a gorgeous, warm nude shade with a matte finish.

To complete the look, Rosie used Urban Decay’s ‘All Nighter’ Setting Spray. This ensures that your make up will stay put all day and all night so it’s another essential in the make up bag. As you can see, the finished look was absolutely stunning and Rosie made it look so simple. I definitely feel like I could recreate this myself now.

Goodie Bags

There was time for some questions and answers at the end and everyone went home with some spot prizes as well. We had already received a fabulous goodie bag, so it was extremely generous to get some spot prizes too! The goodie bags were kindly sponsored by some fabulous brands like ProperCorn, Rimmel London, iWhite, The Nail Boutique, Boutique Bake, Orangina, Crown Brush, Catrice, Sally Hansen, Tantastic and Good 4 U

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Unfortunately I had to fly and get on the road to Cork for my birthday weekend so I just had time for a quick picture and chat with Rosie and the chance to say thanks. I could’ve stayed there all day listening to her and asking questions!

Masterclass Talbot Hotel Wexford

Rosie is such a lovely, friendly, genuine, humble young woman and I have to say that I’m even more inspired by her since this masterclass. In my opinion, she’s a great role model for young women and as she said herself, she’s just a normal girl too! She seems like such a brilliant mum also – her son Harry even popped in during the masterclass to give us a rendition of ‘I Like to Move It, Move It’, which was too cute!!

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Of course, I did buy some of the key products that Rosie used when I was in Cork over the weekend so I will share a separate blog post on Friday about what I bought. Have you been to Rosie’s Make Up Masterclasses before? Or would you like to go to one in the future? I would definitely recommend it as something nice to do with your gal pals! Let me know what you think on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram.


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