Paris Haute Couture Week: Elie Saab

Paris Haute Couture Week: Elie Saab

Hey girls,

The last post about this years Couture Fashion Week is all about Elie Saab. Whenever I see an absolutely stunning, out-of-this-world gown on Instagram or Pinterest that people share as style inspiration, (you know the ones that go viral and have hundreds of comments asking “Who is this by?”), Elie Saab is almost always the person responsible for the designs!

The Lebanese designer brought Victorian inspired princess designs to the centre stage on the closing day of fashion week. His designs featured high necklines, long sleeves, flat boots, cascading trains and of course, the unmistakable heavily embellished materials that are what the label are known best for. It is a stunningly beautiful, whimsical collection.

See my top ten picks from the show below:


There you have it ladies, my round up of the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week has come to an end. Apologies for the scattered posts; life got in the way and I’ve spent this week catching up on myself! As I’ve said before, fashion is my ultimate passion so these are probably the types of posts that I enjoy writing the most. What do you think ladies, have you liked reading them?! I love to hear feedback from my followers so if you have any suggestions or recommendations, send them my way on [email protected] or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Love, Denise x


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  1. February 4, 2016 / 10:00 am

    I love this post! I’m actually super into high necks and long sleeves at the moment so I loved all the styles you picked from the show! The patterns are also so dreamy and super gorgeous! x


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