Hot Commodities – February 2016

Hot Commodities – February 2016

Hey girls,

This month I’ve decided to introduce a new type of blog post dedicated to the items that have found their way to my mental lust list or what I like to call ‘Holy Chic’s Hot Commodities‘ 😉Whether they are designer luxuries that I can only dream about, the latest item that’s sold out of Penneys stores across the nation and everything in between – if I’m dreaming about getting it, you can find it here. So lets get to it ✨

Shoes: First up are the Yinka Creepers from Public Desire. I spotted these on Public Desire’s Instagram page during the week and while they’re not my usual style, I just can’t stop thinking about them! They come in 5 colours; soft pink, white, black, grey and tan but it’s the soft pink pair that have caught my attention. How cute would they be with blue denim jeans with the cuffs turned up in the summer time?!



The creeper style of runner has become a lot more popular in recent years and even last summer, they were a huge hit, they were constantly selling out in New Look when I worked there so I can already tell that this summer will be no different. The Yinkas are €39.43 when converted to euros and don’t forget your student discount if it applies to you – it’s worth 10% off. When this post went live they were available only on Pre-Order with different arrival dates depending on the colour so check in with Public Desire for availability.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 20.57.36

Credit: Public Desire Instagram account

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 20.58.13

Credit: Public Desire Instagram account

Culottes: Dressing to suit your body shape can be hard and for a long time it takes a lot of experimenting to find out what works for you. I know myself that I’ve got a real hourglass shape; a small waist and big booty that makes shopping for jeans and dresses an absolute ‘mare!! But something that I lived in for the most part of summer 2015 were culottes. I find that they emphasise my waist and hang over my wider hips & bum in a flattering way. They are back again this season but can still be a tricky style to get right so I want to do a blog post on them in more depth soon, I’ll link it here once it’s live. These River Island floral print culottes are gorgeous. The busy print won’t be everyone’s taste and being honest, the pictures online don’t do these justice compared to what they looked like in store and on a body. Print is great if you have an area that you want to distract the eye from as it creates a slimming illusion. They are €50 available online and in store now. UPDATE: These are now on sale for just €18 on river (5th July 2016)680385_rollover 680385_alt1

Lip Liners: I spotted these on the Urban Decay counter in Debenhams in Waterford during the week – the new Gwen Stefani 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils. They were paired with the matching lipsticks naturally but for me, the lip pencils were far superior.



There are 6 colours to chose from, one for each main lippy look like your nude, red, pink and deeper berry colours so there’s a good selection. I swatched the nude which is called Ex-Girlfriend and I swear it hardly budged from my hand during the day so I can only imagine what it would be like on your lips. They’re really soft too so I think they would be moisturising and wouldn’t dry out your lips like some liners do. You can buy them directly from the Urban Decay website, (linked here), or at their counters in Debenhams across Ireland. It’s €18 from Debenhams and you can earn points on your Beauty Club Reward card, (I have one and it’s been an absolute lifesaver in the past, you can earn so many points so quickly on it!)

Sunglasses: I adore the Cèline glasses that Kim Kardashian seems to live in, they are so chic! But realistically I’m not going to pay just under €300 for sunglasses that I’ll probably crush with my big arse (see above re: culottes and my unfortunate shape 🙈😂😂)

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 21.57.07


So when I spotted the Spoilt Bitch Club’s ‘Bitch Perfect’ shades I knew I had found the perfect designer dupe. They’re just €27 and you can chose from tortoise, black or tortoise brown finishes. At that price, I’m tempted to buy all three 🙊😋Also, their Instagram page is fantastic, definitely worth a follow ladies screen-shot-2016-02-04-at-21-58-13

I have a busy weekend ahead of me as I’ll be heading to Pippa O’Connor’s Fashion Factory in the Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel in Gorey on Sunday. I’ll try to keep you in the loop as much as possible so make sure you’re following my social media pages for all the updates – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy the weekend dolls!

Love, Denise x



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