#CarryLight with Alex and Ani

#CarryLight with Alex and Ani

Hey guys 🤗

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Alex and Ani’s brand new Liberty Copper collection in the Kilkenny Store on Nassau Street, Dublin.

The American jewellery brand are synonymous with empowering messages and symbols. Their collections so far include ‘The Mystics and The Magical’, ‘Path of Symbols’ and ‘Numerology’ which all carry a unique message. The new ‘Liberty Copper’ collection is completely unique and it offers the world a chance to own a piece of living history from the Statue of Liberty.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Each piece in this limited edition collection features copper preserved from the centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty in 1986. Awaiting a new purpose, Alex and Ani bought the copper and designed it in to the shape of a flame on each medallion. The torch and flame are an exact replica of the original and the medallion is adorned with the message ‘Carry Light’ which inspires us to ignite the light in others and spark a movement of light and hope worldwide.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The 3 stars represent peace, love and unity, while the rays on the medallion stand for radiant light. On the back there are 50 stars which of course, represent the 50 states. In the sterling silver collection there are 13 individual styles so the liberty copper is beautifully set in sterling silver. The 14k gold collection presents the sterling silver medallion with a 14k gold centre and liberty copper flame and there are 11 styles. Finally the diamond collection features the 14k gold centre while the 50 stars on the back are replaced with 50 diamonds, so that is definitely something special!!


The full collection is available on www.alexandani.com but they are in very limited supply. The Kilkenny Store have 3 styles from the sterling silver collection available (pictured above) which include the spoon ring, the charm bangle and the pull cord bracelet so they are extremely rare and unique.


The Liberty Copper Charm Bangles

The event was totally inspired by American culture and we were treated to New York style nibbles like sliders, corndogs, popcorn, candy floss and Coca Cola in the vintage style glass bottles. The Bugle Babes provided the all American Christmas carol soundtrack which was so appropriate and Dara Kenny was starting a live drawing of the New York skyline while I was there.

The guys from Damn Fine Print were also on hand to help us make our own screen printed canvas bags with the statue herself on the tote. It was a fabulous event and a great way to end my day in Dublin before the 2 hour journey home that lay ahead.

I adore the message that is behind this collection – “when we carry light, we ignite the light in others, and create one light indivisible” – and the delicate pieces are the ideal gift for somebody that would appreciate a little bit of American history this Christmas.img_3256

I have plenty of videos from my Snapchat story of the event that I’ll share during the week so keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more of the #CarryLight event 🗽


Love, Denise x




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