Real Techniques MultiTech Launch at BOA Urban Eatery

Real Techniques MultiTech Launch

Earlier this month, I spent the evening in fabulous company with the Irish ambassador for Real Techniques, Jade Mullett and her RT crew. Real Techniques is a brand that I’ve personally used and loved for years now. I’ve wrote some posts on their brushes before, which you can read here, so I was delighted to be invited to the Real Techniques MultiTech Launch. BOA Urban Eatery on the Main Street in Wexford town was the venue for this intimate event.

Jade Mullett MUA

Wexford’s Newest Hot Spot

Upon arrival at BOA, we were greeted by Jade and the team for some snaps of course 😉 There was a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ station which I feel should be an essential on my kitchen counter going forward! ☝🏼💡It was a great chance to catch up with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while too. As the event was in Wexford, (woohoo!), there were lots of familiar faces there. We had time to take some selfies at the Mirror Magic stand. You will have seen these selfies mirrors at weddings and events recently; they’re great fun and the print out is a cool keepsake.


Time to Tuck In

It was soon time for dinner and, oh my god, the table settings were just incredible. Everyone sat at one long table, decorated with a stunning table runner from Lilly Bloom florists in Wexford town. At each setting there was a light up, trifold vanity mirror with our name and the Real Techniques branding on them. Everyone was in awe of the mirrors as they were such an usual way of displaying place names but suited the theme of the evening perfectly! Every little detail was thought of – there was branded bunting, cards on the table to display the hashtags for the evening and even the menus were branded with the MultiTech imagery. I just thought it was so well planned, coming from someone who is obsessed with this level of detail when it comes to events!😍

Brandshaoers Table Settings Boa Urban Eatery

It was my first time dining on the dinner menu in BOA and I have to say, the food was on another level, just amazing! The starter was a delicious mixed platter; for mains I chose the seafood cioppino which I had never tried before but it was extremely tasty. Finally, I had the creme brûlée for dessert. Everyone commented on how delicious the food was and everyone else dishes looked incredible, I would highly recommend BOA for lunch, dinner and Christmas parties as well, with the time of year it is now.

Real Techniques MultiTech Launch

In between the mains and dessert, Jade took to the top of the table and talked us through Real Technique’s new MultiTech collection. These unique brushes come without labels so they are totally multifunctional. Instead, they’re named by size – from XXXS to XXXL. You can choose the use for each brush, whether it’s for eyeshadow, highlighting, blending foundation, powder, contour – the choice is yours! The seven brushes and beauty sponge have the same unique universal cut and are tapered at the point. We were presented with each individual product by the Real Techniques team while Jade gave us the run down. The girls just kept coming with product after product, I honestly couldn’t believe how my bag was filling up! We really were spoilt!

Real Techniques Goodie Bags

The collection starts at €8.99 for the Point Makeup Sponge. I personally love the Real Techniques beauty sponges so I’m looking forward to using this one. It also comes with its own holder which is a much more hygienic way of storing and drying your beauty sponges.

MultiTech Sponge

MultiTech Sponge

Next up are the Point L Brush which retails for €14.99 and the Point XL Brush is €15.99. They can both be used for full face application, powders, bronzing or highlighting.

MultiTech Point XL and L brushes

The largest Point XXXL Brush is €16.99 and can be used for everything from neck blending and application to body highlighting.

MultiTech Point XXXL Brush

MultiTech Point XXXL brushMultiTech Real Techniques Brush and Sponge

The MultiTech collection also includes a handy Small Points Set which retails for €26.99. It contains 4 brushes ranging from sizes S to XXXS and a one-size-fits-all holder to keep your brushes upright. This set covers everything from concealer to eyeshadows, liners, brow filling and lip blending so it’s extremely versatile.

MultiTech Eyeshadow brushes

MultiTech Collection

Real Technique’s Heroes

As if it was generous enough for them to gift us with the new MultiTech collection, we were then presented with another bag packed with the Real Techniques hero collection. This included the Flawless Base Set, one I’m sure a lot of you own or have at least seen before. This set contains 4 essential brushes for a flawless foundation – the contour brush, detailer brush, buffing brush and square foundation brush. It comes in a handy brush cup as well and retails for €29.99.

Real Techniques

Another key set for your make up kit is the Enhanced Eye Set. This one features 5 eyeshadow brushes, the hair on which is super, super soft. Again, this set comes with the brush cup which I think is great because it can often be hard to come by quality holders at the right size for your brushes. This set also retails at €29.99.

Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brushes

Real Techniques

Like I’ve already mentioned, one of my favourite items from Real Techniques are their beauty sponges. Needless to say I got overly excited when I spotted the 6 Miracle Complexion Sponge set in my bag. They’re hands down the best quality makeup sponges I’ve used so far. The pink sculpting sponge is my absolute favourite in the set as the different angles allow you to use it for so many different finishes – concealer, foundation, cream highlight, baking and cream contour – you can do it all with these sponges. The set of 6 retails for €29.99 which is great value for money.

Real Techniques Beauty Sponges

Real Techniques Sponges

With all makeup brushes, hygiene is key. Not only for the longevity of the brushes but for flawless application and to decrease the risk of skin breakouts too. Real Technique’s Deep Brush Cleansing Gel is a great product to have in your bathroom and I’ve used it many times before. You simply dampen your brush hairs with warm water, squeeze a drop of the gel in to the palm of your hand and swirl the brush around to make a lather. I then run the brush under the water and squeeze until the water runs clear.

Real Techniques Cleansing Gel

Real Techniques Cleansing Gel

The new Miracle Cling organiser got so many screenshots on my Snapchat on the night and it’s easy to see why. This nifty gadget clings on to mirrors, lockers and glossy bathroom surfaces easily and without adhesives or wall mounts. You can bring it on the go with you and pop it up on to a mirror to have your brushes easily visible and reached. The single pocket retails for €7.99 and the tri-pocket is €15.99 and both come in pink or grey finishes.

Real Techniques Expert Organiser

Real Techniques Expert Organiser

Real Techniques

Evening of Entertainment

After our dessert, we were treated to cocktails and entertainment by local band, Corner Boy. They were fantastic and it was a lovely way to wind down the evening. We stayed for some drinks and chats for the rest of the evening. It was great to have an event like this held in Wexford because more often than not, most of the events are in Dublin. Personally, I don’t mind travelling to an event that I’m interested in and I think will be worth my while going to. But every now and then, it is nice to see that these launches and events do take place outside of the capital. Every last detail was thought of when it came to the Real Techniques MultiTech launch and I have to say, the organisers really outdid themselves. Without a doubt, it was the best event I’ve attended as a blogger so far!

Real Techniques MultiTech Launch What I Wore

Real Techniques MultiTech Launch

Real Techniques MultiTech Launch

Real Techniques MultiTech Launch

I’m really looking forward to playing with these brushes – like I said, I’m a long time Real Techniques fan 😊 What do you think of them? Have you used any of the brushes yet? Do let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram. All of the Real Techniques products I’ve mentioned in this blog are available from Shaws Department Stores and local pharmacies nationwide.

Real Techniques MultiTech

Real techniques MultiTech Launch



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