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Haircraft Wexford

Obviously I’ve been a little bit MIA over the last while on my blog, being busy at work, uprooting and moving away meant I didn’t have the time to dedicate to this platform. Gradually I’m getting into a new rhythm so I’m now able to set aside some time to writing more posts for you guys. As I was home for a few days, to drop in to Haircraft Wexford, it gave me time to think about kickstarting my blog again. It’s true what Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – bit dramatic but a little trim is all my life needs! There really is nothing like a visit to the hairdressers to pick you up. Last week I dropped in to Haircraft Wexford for the first time, and definitely not the last. By the end of this post, you’ll see why.

Haircraft Wexford

Image from Haircraft Wexford on Facebook

Haircraft Wexford

Haircraft is located on 36 High Street in Wexford town, tucked up away from the main street so it’s in such a lovely quiet area. The salon is run by Joe O’Brien who is an actual magician! With 10 years experience, he has gone on to win numerous awards in the industry. One of those took pride of place at the reception counter – Colour Technician of the Year from the Irish Hair and Beauty Awards 2017. Before I had even sat in Joes chair, I already knew I was in more than capable hands.


My hair had not been done since October, almost 9 months ago!! I know some of you are screaming at the thoughts of that, most people need their colour done every 8 weeks or so. But now when I look back on the ‘Before’ picture, I’m like “Yeah, you’d know it was gone past a state!!”. As you can see, my colour had grown way out and the highlights weren’t as well dispersed throughout the lengths anymore. It was thick and heavy, it lacked life.

Hair at Haircraft Wexford Before

Irish Fashion Blogger

My hair just a couple of weeks previous; colour is well grown out and it just looks flat

First Things First

Joe went ahead and started with some fresh highlights, scattered throughout the back and mostly focused at the front to frame my face once again. Even though it was my first time at Haircraft, Joe made me feel totally at ease and we chatted away as if we knew each other ever. The whole team there are just so lovely, which I think really adds to the experience. At the end of the day, if you’re spending a couple of hours in the hairdressers, you want to feel relaxed while you’re there. The salon is also really nice and cool, with 2 basins and 4 chairs, it has an exclusive feel about it.

Haircraft Wexford

Image from Haircraft Wexford on Facebook


After I cooked under the foils for a little while, Joe washed my hair and put a toner through it, shampooed and conditioned. Joe used all Alfaparf products on my hair and I could definitely feel the benefits of them afterwards. My hair is so glossy and healthy looking now. All that was left to do was a blow-dry and teeny little trim on the ends. I’m always in two minds when I get in the hot seat; will I cut it short or not?! But as everyone always says to me, I have such long, thick, healthy hair, it would be a waste to cut it. Old habits die hard I guess. Joe finished the look by styling my hair with the GHD Curling Tongs and brushed a fabulous, soft wave through it. Actually, if you are on the look out for a new curling tool, this would be an amazing one – it felt like silk gliding through my hair, the absolute dream!

Hair at Haircraft Wexford

Hair at Haircraft Wexford


I’m beyond thrilled with the finished result. As I said to Joe leaving Haircraft that afternoon, I finally have the colour I’ve always been trying to achieve. Don’t you just love it when your hairdresser ‘gets it’?! The highlights are so super subtle throughout my hair, and given how thick my hair is, thats usually difficult to achieve. But Joe hit the nail on the head, pardon the pun! You’ll see more hair transformations by Joe and his Haircraft team over on their Instagram page (serious #hairgoals in every post) @haircraftwexford or contact them on Facebook here.

After Haircraft Wexford


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