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Fab Lash review

They say that your eyes are the window to the soul, and your lashes and brows frame those beautiful eyes. So wouldn’t it be right to say you would want them to look their absolute best? Well I want to introduce you to a product that helps to do just that – Fab Lash by Sofia Howick. I have used this growth serum, day and night, for the past month. So keep reading to see my personal progress.

Fab Lash Serum

Say Hello to Fab Lash by Sofia Howick

Fab Lash is a nourishing growth serum that can be used on both eyelashes and eyebrows. It works to promote the hair growth. The natural ingredients used in its formula are gentle and safe. The serum is also organic and vegan friendly. It aims to improve the density, tone and length of the hairs, leaving you with longer lashes and fuller brows. Personally, I think good eyebrows and luscious lashes are always a good look, no matter what trends are in for the season.

As the years go on, I’m sure you would agree that we begin to notice the hairs start to thin. Or in stressful times, I’ll even catch myself pulling out my eyebrow hairs!! Not Good!! Or you may be experiencing the side affects of medication, hormones, chemotherapy or over-tweezing and waxing? So when Fab Lash reached out to me, I was definitely interested in learning more about the product.

Fab Lash Review

Before Using Fab Lash

As you can see from the pictures below, I have dark hair and a naturally thick, structured brow. Although I had noticed it beginning to thin at the top of the arch. I’ve never had any persistent complaints about my eyelashes, apart from that one time I pulled them all off with my lash extensions, as you can read about here..! They grew back exceptionally well! As you can see in my before pictures, they have a nice bit of volume at the root, but not much definition in the lengths.

How to Use Fab Lash

Now I apply the Fab Lash serum as directed, twice daily. I apply the serum to clean, dry lashes and brows, before applying make up in the mornings. And again after fully cleansing in the evenings. Thanks to the thin brush applicator, the serum is applied like an eyeliner across the skin on the upper and lower lash lines. Then I apply an ample amount evenly throughout my brows. Allow just 2 minutes for the serum to soak in to the skin and then I’m good to start applying make up or to continue with my skincare routine. You really only need to apply a tiny amount on the lashes and allow the natural ingredients to get to work.

The serum is completely clear and there is no sensation when applying it to the skin as it contains entirely natural ingredients. In the first 10 days I noticed throughout the day, that I got the urge to rub my eye and there was a very, very slight tingling sensation. This is just as the product is getting to work and stimulating growth. I noticed a slight increase of rheum, (sleep in your eyes), on my eyes in the mornings since starting to use Fab Lash, but nothing worrying and it subsided after the first 7-10 days.

Fab Lash Review

The Results from Fab Lash

As per the guidelines, results should be visible from 14 days of consistent use. I first began to see results after 7 days. My bottom lashes were much longer and defined. I began to notice more volume at the root of my top lash line. I also noticed that my eyebrows were starting to appear a bit darker. Also, where they would have shed hairs regularly, they were now much stronger.

Growth using Fab Lash 1 week

After 14 days using Fab Lash…

…the results are really apparent. My eyebrows were noticeably darker and more defined. Where my brows were more sparse in the front, after 14 days use, they were definitely beginning to fill in. The hairs were in much better condition as well. In the past, I would experience a lot of shedding from my brows daily, but after 14 days the shedding was less and less.

After using Fab Lash for 14 days, I could notice a huge difference in the length of my eyelashes. My lower lashes were much, much longer than ever before. As well, I could also see a lot more length in my upper lashes. It was difficult for a camera to pick up the length after 2 weeks, as the ends of the lashes were still quite fair, but the depth and darkness was definitely noticeable at the root of the lashes. I would really see the difference when I would apply my regular mascara. One coat of mascara would really showcase the length in the lashes and they had grown so much, if the mascara was still wet, it would tip off the skin on my eyelid or under-eyes!

holy chic blogger
Growth after 14 days using Fab Lash

Fab Lash comes in a 5ml bottle so after using the serum on my brows and lashes consistently for 2 weeks, morning and evening, I was roughly half ways through the product. As I mentioned on Instagram where I gave weekly updates, I was very generous in applying the serum, just incase you think I was getting through the bottle very quickly! You actually don’t need to apply as much as I did, in hindsight – a tiny amount of product is all that is needed, especially on the eyelashes.

The Results Speak for Themselves

After using Fab Lash consistently for 4 weeks, the results are simply incredible! I can 100% notice the difference in both my brows and lashes. My eyebrows are strong and dark, so much so I could happily go without wearing any brow products as part of my makeup. I have noticeably seen growth throughout my eyebrows, especially in areas where they had become sparse like the front of the brow and the top of the arch.

My lashes continued to grow over the 4 weeks. My lowers lashes are much longer and darker. They have filled out a lot, in comparison to what they looked like before using Fab Lash. The upper lashes are now super long! And the depth and volume I was beginning to notice at the roots has grown through the body of the lashes. So they appear darker and more defined throughout the lengths too. When I look at them in the mirror, (as the camera doesn’t do them justice), or apply mascara the length is very apparent.

Fab Lash Results are 4 weeks

Bang for Your Buck!

By the end of 4 weeks, I had used one full bottle of the product but I was extremely generous with my application. However it is recommended that one bottle is enough for 6 weeks consistent use on lashes and brows. If you just required Fab Lash for lashes only, or vice versa, you would get a little longer out of the product. At €29.99, I think it is fantastic value for the results that I experienced.

Fab Lash growth serum review

Overall, I’m So Pleased with the Results…

…and the growth I’ve experienced in both my brows and lashes. Personally, I think Fab Lash did exactly what it says on the cover. My brows and lashes are “longer, blacker and thicker“. And I love that it is a natural serum, that is gentle and safe to use. It is organic and vegan friendly, using all natural ingredients. I will definitely continue to use Fab Lash going forward to maintain the length, thickness and strength of my lashes and brows.

If you have any queries about Fab Lash, definitely drop me a comment below and I would be happy to answer your questions. Fab Lash is available online here for €29.99 or from salons nationwide. A full list of current stockist is below.

Fab Lash Before and After
Before using Fab Lash vs. after 4 weeks use

In the interest of being transparent, I would just like to note that this review is in collaboration with Fab Lash. I received a gratuity for reviewing the product but my thoughts above are entirely my own and have not been influenced by Fab Lash in any way.


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