5 ASOS Dresses You Need in your Wardrobe Now!

5 ASOS Dresses You Need in your Wardrobe Now!

Hands up if you’ve ever stood in front of your wardrobe on a Friday evening and thought “I have NOTHING to wear!!” 🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽 Yes, it  happens to us all on the regular! By the time you realise your overflowing wardrobe isn’t going to satisfy your needs for the weekend, it’s already too late, you’re in a panic and nothing works! Well this post is inspired by that dilemma and rather, how to avoid it. I’ve spied 5 ASOS dresses that you need in your wardrobe so that dreaded fear is eliminated.

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The first dress is by Kiss The Sky and it will be an extremely versatile piece. Right now, this style of tunic top is really popular. Very plain, without patterns but the devil is in the detail. The little ladder-lace panels give a really boho inspired vibe. For the moment, this dress would be so cool over skinny jeans with a lace up runner for more of a casual look. When the weather improves, get your pins out and this beauty will go everywhere with you. Pack it in your suitcase with your sandals for a holiday. And when festival season comes back around you can team with boots, a hat and plenty of layered jewellery.

Dress // Kiss the Sky on asos.com // €53.33

With Valentines Day right around the corner, I think this next dress would actually be really sweet for date night 😉 Not that I’ll have to worry about that; I’ll be sporting a very en vogue dressing gown and slippers on the night of the 14th I’m sure 😂😂 But for those of you that are loved up and have plans, this New Look dress is a winner. The dusky pink colour is so romantic and I love the flow of the material too. As it’s a halter neck, it would hang really nicely and the ruffle detail is really trendy too.

Dress // New Look on asos.com // €37.32

Something a little bit more structured is this bardot style dress by Lavish Alice. The colour is so deep and rich, I just think there is something so luxurious and sophisticated about this dress. It’s definitely inspired by the new-age Jackie O vibe that there is floating around at the moment. It’s a little bit more formal so if you have a wedding coming up this year, I would definitely suggest this. There is an element of cool with the knot in the front and ladies, don’t forget that the hems on dresses like these should finish at the dimple in your knee, (where your knee bends). This is the slimmest part of your leg so by finishing your hem there, you draw the eye in. This gives the illusion of slimmer and longer legs and who Doesn’t want that?!?!

Dress // Lavish Alice on asos.com // €98.66

This next dress is nothing less than a showstopper!! From ASOS’s own Petite Premium collection, the drama is all at the back where you have the oversized bow. It’s just so stunning and a really simple, yet effective design. I could see this as an alternative to the traditional style of bridesmaid dress too. It is a scuba finish material which is really comfortable and the V neck is very flattering. Again, it would be perfect if you want something extra special for Valentines or if you have an upcoming wedding or occasion. Remember, this particular dress is from the Petite collection so it’s ideal for 5’3″ and below.

Dress // ASOS Petite Premium on asos.com // €86.66

Is it obvious yet that I’m a plain Jane?! Well more so that I’m not a huge fan of prints so this one changes things up a bit. Another dress from ASOS’s own label, this time their ASOS Dresses Core Women’s collection. This long sleeve bardot dress is really edgy and funky, totally different and unique. You could definitely make a statement in this little number. With the right accessories and shoes, this would be a look to remember and would definitely make people think Wow! The colour palette isn’t too loud which allows space for the print to stand out, which I love.

Dress // ASOS Collection on asos.com // €73.33

I hope this post has provided you with some inspiration. I just hate that feeling of panic when you’re staring blankly into your wardrobe at the last minute. At least with one or two, (or five!!), key dresses in your closet, you will always have something to put your hand to. 😄 Hope you have a fabulous weekend dolls and I’ll see you back here on Monday 💋


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