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Hey dolls 😄 I have some exciting news to share that should brighten up this gloomy Monday evening. As many of you may know, I’m a student in W.I.T in Waterford. I’m in my 3rd year of studies in Retail Management. And with just 8 weeks left until the exams start, the finish line in is sight. Yes, with the final year of any course comes lots of work and deadlines to meet but there are also lots of great opportunities available to students at W.I.T. vibe

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RAG Week

Every year, before we break for the mid-term, we have R.A.G Week down in the college which is our Raise and Give Week. The Students Union pull out all the stops and arrange events and entertainment for the students. The money raised from the events is divided out amongst a variety of local charities. I have to say the SU are brilliant in their efforts to raise money for charities throughout the academic year and between the likes of RAG Week, the Humanities Ball, coffee mornings and pool tournaments last year, they raised €17,000 for 4 different charities 👏🏼 The antics of a minority of students during RAG Week sometimes draws negative attention to the tradition but when you see that charities are benefiting from the proceeds of it, I think it’s a worthwhile endeavour.

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The festivities will kick off on Monday 13th February and to coincide with this, there will be a revival of the old college radio station Vibe. For 4 days there will be a test of the station in the college featuring everything from live music to sports, political discussions and an Irish hour. There will be a great mix of programmes and it’s great to show the diversity that exists in W.I.T. The reason I’m writing about all of this is because I’m so excited to announce that I will be presenting my own show on the station! I jumped at the opportunity to get involved when it came up. There are over 10,000 students and 1,000 staff in W.I.T. so I wanted to produce a show for the female demographic.

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Fashion, Beauty, Blogging

Basically I will be presenting a talk show where I’ll be chatting about all things fashion, beauty and blogging related. Writing a blog, working in fashion and having a love for beauty, I knew there would be an interest for a show like this. It’s the only show of its kind scheduled for the week so it will be great to be a part of. The rest of the weeks programmes are about music, politics, sports, student affairs and there will be some live mixed music too, so there’s a fantastic variety.

Get Involved – Send me your Questions

The main reason I’m writing about this now is because I’ll need help from you dolls.😉 Like with any talk show, we’ll be answering your questions on Vibe! I get lots of messages and questions from girls that follow my blog and I love that I have the opportunity to interact with you dolls, so I would love it if you could send me any questions you have for me over the next couple of days. I’ll draw up a list and answer them on air on Monday! 😄 Anything from what’s the next big trend to what are my desert island make up products or how to start a blog?! Whatever you want to ask, send your questions to me in an email ([email protected]), on Snapchat or a message on Facebook 📲

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I’m really excited and a wee bit nervous I’ll admit! But it will be great craic and I’m all about pushing myself outside my boundaries and trying new things – you never know what it could lead to?! 📻💋


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