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Fashion Style Diary

Happy Monday and more importantly, happy Mid-Term!! The holidays are here for one week only and although I have a couple of work days, I have lots of fun things to do for Holy Chic too. As ye know, fashion is my passion but I actually haven’t shared some of my own style on Holy Chic in quite some time. Todays post is a little style diary of some of my own looks from the past month. I have linked everything possible below, and if not, I have something similar instead.

Denim Style Diary

First on February’s style diary is this college outfit. I often mention how important comfort is to me being in college. I have to be practical in what I decide to wear for almost 10 hours a day! So this is a look that I really loved. I spotted this denim jacket from New Look on Lei from The Style Preachers snapchat story. I work with Lei in New Look and her Snapchat story gives me my fashion fix on the days that I’m not working. A denim jacket is something that I always thought was cool and fashionable but because I wore denim jeans so much, I was afraid of risking, (and failing) the double denim look – I’m certainly not edgy enough for that look yet! 😜 I love the shade of this jacket and all of the rips on it; it’s very much Yeezy-inspired!

Recently I’ve moved away from my beloved denim skinnies more towards these leather look pants, also from New Look, so I knew I would get tonnes of wear out of the denim jacket with these. They’re honestly the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn and can be dressed up or down so easily! I teamed them with these twist front canvas shoes from Shoe Rack. These are the light pink colour but I also bought the grey which is available here. The fact that they’re on sale is even better again.
Irish Fashion Blogger

Denim Jacket // New Look // €44.99

Black Slogan Jumper // Similar Here // €6.00

Leather Pants // New Look // €12.00

Twist Front Shoes // Shoe Rack // €10.00

Gingham Gurl

A print that is extremely trendy this season, as I mentioned in this blog post, is gingham. It’s a love-it or hate-it print but this spring I’ve really embraced it. I swapped the slogan jumper underneath the denim jacket for this gingham top from Penneys. It has a knot front and elbow length sleeves so it’s very wearable. Sorry for the quality for the photo, I was dashing out the door as usual! The rest of the outfit deets are the same as above.

Irish Fashion Blogger

Gingham Print Top // Penneys // €13.00

Paint the Town Red

Last Wednesday a couple of friends and I went out for RAG Week in college. You can find out more about Raise and Give Week here, but we decided to go to the sold out Jax Jones gig in Project Nightclub, Waterford and stayed at the Fitzwilton Hotel for the night. Oh my God, what a night – Jax Jones was actually incredible and I didn’t want to leave the dancefloor all night!

Irish Fashion Blog

I was adamant that I wasn’t going to buy a new outfit for this night because I have so much coming up over the next few weeks, I need to save the pennies. Instead I wore this black harness body suit with a red leather skirt. I’ve been living in the red skirt over the last few weeks, especially to work. It’s a dead handy one to dress down with tights and boots or dress up, like I did here. The tan I’m wearing is a layer of the Crazy Angel Instant Airbrush Self Tan with a layer of Babydoll Cosmetics Tan Goddess Mousse over it. I always finish my tan with some Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess or Rose Gold Goddess down the centre of my legs before I head out for an extra glow.

Missguided Fashion Style Diary

Harness Bodysuit // Missguided // €27.00

Leather Skirt // New Look // €24.99

Barely There Heels // Similar Here // €39.99

Monochrome Mood

Most recently, I was out on Saturday night for one of my best friends 21st birthday’s! We had a great night, just such a good laugh with great company and it was nice to go out at home again too. I was working on Saturday so I was such a last minute Nelly! I just threw a couple of pieces into my suitcase that morning and hoped that something would work that night. Thankfully, you can never go wrong with a monochrome look I think. I loved that this black crop top had sleeves and the back of it is also beautiful – unfortunately I didn’t get a pic 🙁 My tan details are the same as above 👍🏼

Wexford Fashion Blog

Crop Top // New Look (not available online yet) // €29.99

Pencil Skirt // Similar Here // €14.00

Suedette Ankle Strap Sandals // New Look // €32.99

Let’s Get Real

I recently saw someone on Twitter ask if anyone could recommend fashion bloggers for her to follow that were’t a size 6/8 so she could get some inspiration from them and that tweet really struck a cord with me. Now look, I may be a “fashion blogger” but I’m most definitely not a model! On a given day I could be anywhere between a UK size 10 and a size 14. I have to agree with her, there aren’t many bloggers at the moment that are sharing fashion for sizes 12-16 and more and more now, girls are looking to their favourite bloggers for their fashion inspiration.

If everyone had a teeny tiny, modelesque body, then yeah – it would be easy to look up to some of the big names in the international blogging world but the reality is that people come in all shapes and sizes and I’m 100% a real girl.

Irish Fashion Blog Style Diary

You’d want to see all the pictures that didn’t make the cut on Saturday night and even at that, I wasn’t happy with this one. ⬆️ I was sucking in my stomach for dear life and it was all I could see in this picture, not helped by the shading of the white skirt; My smile is forced as I was concentrating on not fainting at the height of sucking in that gut; what way do I cross my legs; where do I hold the glass?! All of the thoughts that run through your mind just to get a damn picture for Instagram and then pull yourself apart afterwards.

Being honest, I carry weight on my stomach and arse, I wouldn’t be fond of my legs either and this was a rare occasion that I wore a crop top because I liked how the sleeves covered my bingo wings. Sometimes I think we’re our own worst critics. Yes, I could probably just adopt some crazy diet and exercise routine and try to be the same as all of the other bloggers but that’s not me. I’ve said it on Snapchat before, one thing you won’t see on Holy Chic is anything ‘diet’ related. Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything more boring than eating lettuce 4 times a day or sticking to a ‘teatox’.

I enjoy my food, but everything in moderation; I don’t kill myself at a gym, but I don’t sit on my ass all day everyday either. Life is all about balance and I wish that more young girls especially could see that – See that not all bloggers are a size 6, they’re not all perfect and their Instagram pictures aren’t all real. As long as you’re healthy and happy, I think that’s the main thing.


Style is ultimately about learning to dress all shapes, sizes, colourings and ages. As I mentioned, I’m not a size 6 so I hope that some of you do get inspired by the looks that I shared in my style diaries. I try to keep everyones tastes in mind and I actually feel that since I started writing Holy Chic, my personal style has come a long way too and I’m experimenting with a lot more colours, prints and styles. I’d love your feedback on this, either in the comments below or on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter.


Please note…

…that the links in this style diary are affiliate links. It won’t cost you any more or any less if you buy anything through the links I’ve provided in this post. If you would rather not shop through affiliate links I have mentioned where everything is from.


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